Words of Love and Ayni

Bruce, St. George, Utah

This is my third mesa cloth in the last 10 years. Each one has drawn me deeper and more meaningfully into my relationships with the people I work with and the way I live my life. Each time I work with my mesa, the weaving connects me to the Q'ero people and to their beautiful example of how to walk softly upon the earth.

Steffie, Guerneville, CA

I’ve received the package and the cloth is so perfect and the ties, too. The pictures are very sweet. Thank you so much for all!

Cynthia, Sweden

Received my mesa cloth today... It's even more beautiful than the picture on your website! I'm so, so pleased! It's a lovely touch to get a picture of the artisan too. I'm so thankful to her. And you, for what you're doing to help the Q'ero.

Ron L. Hinton

You do such great work!

This is a ceremony performed to acknowledge Apu Evans near where I live.

The mestana cloth allows me to consolidate the objects that allow me to shift the vibration of ordinary life.