Colorful Inti Sacred Symbols Mesa Cloth


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Four bands of seven symbols of sacred Inti in the form of the rising sun express the Q’ero people’s intimate relationship with the sun and sacred light. The outer bands are in the classic red color, in contrast with the subtle striped black fields on the male and female sides of the mesa cloth. This traditional style mesa cloth reflects the sacred complementary duality as lived in the Andes of Peru.  Rosa Silvia Gerillo Quispe wove this outside her home in Q’eros at 13,000 feet in elevation. Your purchase helps her family and her community build a more sustainable life and supports traditional Q’ero culture.  27 x 29.5 inches. 68.5 x 71 cm.  A photo of Rosa is included with your purchase.

Learn more about the Q’ero people and how your purchase helps Q’ero communities.  Heart Walk Foundation
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