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Inkari Pilgrim and Llama Mestana / Llikya


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This mestana is unique, with bright almost fluorescent bands of detailed symbols. The symbols depicted are of the pilgim and the llama, the chakuna and the sun (inti). The textile has a border stitched around the perimeter. The colorful figures are framed with contrasting hues of black and red. The two panels of the mesa cloth stitched together reflect the sacred union of masculine and feminine. Deonicia Apaza Gerillo created this mesa by kneeling on the ground outside her home in Quico, Q’eros, at over 14,000 feet in elevation. Your purchase helps her family and her community to build a more sustainable life and supports traditional Q’ero culture.  29 x 27 inches. 74 x 69 cm.

Learn more about the Q’ero people and how your purchase helps Q’ero communities.  Heart Walk Foundation
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