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Mestana of Sacred Light and Sun


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Alicia Gerillo Quispe wove this cheerful mestana outdoors, on the ground, in front of her home in Kiku, Qeros.  Four rows of Init symbols represent the rising and setting sacred sun and the sacred inner light. These patterns are a visual poetry expressing the Q’ero people’s ayni relationship of mutual interdependence with Pachamama.  Q’ero mesa cloths are woven in two panels that reflect the sacred complementary duality of male and female as lived in the Andes of Peru. You are supporting traditional Q’ero culture with every purchase.  25.5 x 23 inches. 65 x 59 cm.  Your purchase includes a photo of Alicia holding your new mesa.
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Learn how your purchase helps the Q’ero people: Q’ero Life in the Andes: A Partnership.
To learn more about Q’ero weaving and watch them spin and weave, watch this brief video: Weaving in the Q’ero Nation.