Poncho “Unko” or Inner Poncho #801


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Q’ero men wear these inner ponchos which are seamed at the sides and not as bulky as the outer poncho.This unko features beautiful sacred Inti  symbols of light in shades of grey, tans, browns, and cream of finely hand spun alpaca fiber.  An unusual extra are the amazing finely bound seam edges in subtle stripes of grey and cream. Very finely woven and beautiful to the touch as well as the eye.

Inches:  29 length (58 total front and back) x 27 width (56 circumference)
Centimeters: 74 ( x 2 = 158 cm).  69 ( x 2 = 138)

All proceeds from your purchase go to the weaver and her community. Learn more at:  heartwalkfoundation.org