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Beaded Hat Band with Bright Inti symbols


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Agostina Gerillo Machacca wove this hatband then added bright beads to highlight symbols of the sacred Inti of the sun and light. Agostina wore this hatband herself, so you might want to wash the tassels. Or you can leave the traces of Andean soil and soul to wear with your hat.

Agostina lives in Ccochamarka village in a steep river valley with seven spectacular lakes. She and her husband supplement their subsistence of potatoes with vegetables grown in the family greenhouse. Although Agostina never attended school, she is proud that the sale of her weavings helps to fund the construction materials for classrooms so Q’ero children will be able to complete school in their region.

Your purchase includes a photo of the weaver holding this hatband.

1.5 x 26 in. plus tassels.  The hatband is stitched to fit a smaller hat size but can be adjusted.
4 x 66 cm. plus tassels