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Medium Large Coca Bag with Bright Inti Symbols


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Q’ero men favor these bright color bags. Benita Samata Apaza designed this one with intricate symbols of the sacred Inti of sun and spiritual light. This is a very sturdy weave that will hold a substantial amount of weight. Just right for your traveling mesa with all your ritual items. Or, if you prefer, it is the perfect size for a small tablet or ipad.

Benita’s husband, a paqo, used this bag so it carries the heart of the Andean landscape in the fibers. If you prefer, you can wash it by hand in cold water with clothing detergent and rinse well.

10.5 w. x 8 in. h. 1.25 in. deep.  Woven strap 1.5 in. w. x 38 in. L
26 w. x 20 h. x 4 cm. deep.   Woven strap 4 cm x 96 cm.