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Small Coca Bag


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Q’ero women carry their coca in these small bags, which they tuck into their skirt waistbands to keep the sacred coca close to them. These little bags are the first weaving projects for young weavers. In this case, this is one of the last textiles woven by Q’ero elder (“anciana”) Anita. She is almost completely blind from cataracts, yet managed to weave this bag from memory.

We make a special effort to visit Anita in her home in the tiny village of Raq’chi during every trek into the Q’ero territories. Always a remarkable and special experience to visit with Anita! A photo of Anita holding this bag is included with your purchase.

6.5 w. x 8 h. inches. Plus 40 in. narrow braided strap.
16 x 20 cm. Plus 102 cm. narrow braided strap.