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Vintage Inti Pattern Mesa Cloth #578


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This special manta is made of pure alpaca yarns and dyed with natural vegetal dyes.  This old-style manta is similar to those photographed by John Cohen many decades ago published in Hidden threads of Peru.  It has a soft touch and harmonious feel. Sacred Inti symbols represent the rising sun, setting sun, and midday sun between bands of black and deep red, which reflect the complementary duality of the male and female and the balance in the universe.

This old textile is worn on the edges and carries with the the heart of Q’eros. It has a soft feel and will take folding nicely. Colors are more muted than shown in the photos.  26 x 19 in. 66 x 48 cm.

Watch weavers at work creating exquisite textiles in their villages in this video.

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