Alpaca Runner with variations of Inti and Chunchu


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You will enjoy the natural fiber colors of alpaca in shades of grey, black, charcoal, dark brown, light brown, tan, and cream. This textile will bless your home on a wall, in the middle of your table, or hung over a sofa back. Symbols of sacred Inti (sun and inner light) are depicted at noon, sunrise, and sunset.  Chunchu figures represent the myth of Inkarri, the great Inka that will return to lift up the Andean people and restore their greatness.  Woven by Q’ero elder Luisa Machacca Champi at her home under the care of the Apus.  26 x 15.5 in. plus fringe.  66 x 39 cm. plus fringe.
A photo of Luisa, a Q’ero elder, is included with your purchase.

Learn how your purchase helps the Q’ero people: Q’ero Life in the Andes: A Partnership.
To learn more about Q’ero weaving and watch them spin and weave, watch this brief video: Weaving in the Q’ero Nation.