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This beautiful mesa features the motif of Nawig Organo symbolizing agricultural fields which reflect the Q’ero people’s intimate relationship with the Pachamama and all aspects of the natural and spiritual world.  The young weaver created this wonderful mesa outside her home in her village of Hapu Grande. Your purchase helps her family and her community build a more sustainable life and supports traditional Q’ero culture.   26 x 23 inches. [66 x 58 cm].  Your purchase includes a photo of the young weaver holding your mesa cloth.

Note: This classic textile was used by the weaver as her personal lliklla and mesa. It has several small darkened spots on the front and one 2 inch spot on the back, connecting you with the authentic life of the weaver in her home. If you prefer, you can clean the spots with regular laundry detergent, wash on gentle cycle, and hand to dry.

Learn more about the Q’ero people and how your purchase helps Q’ero communities.  Heart Walk Foundation
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