Earth-honoring Mesa with Inti and Inkarri


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This beautiful mesa was created by Francisca Apasa Samata ourside her home in the village of Kiku (Quico) in Q’eros. Francisca used muted wine-red and dark greenish-grey yarns to express the morning and afternoon sun, the sacred Init. She wove the wide bands of sacred Ch’unchu in soft light pink and charcoal to express the Andean myth of the return of the great Inka, the Inkarri, who will restore the Andean people to their former greatness. The greenish band is more muted than appears in the photo and greenish-yellow — a wonderful complimentary color to the red-wine bands.   29 x 25 inches. 73 x 64 cm.   Your purchase helps the weaver, her family, and her village build food security and schools and helps preserve the beautiful Q’ero culture. Your purchase includes a photo Francisca holding your new mesa cloth.

Learn more about the Q’ero people and how your purchase helps Q’ero communities.  Heart Walk Foundation
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