Earth-Honoring Complex Inti and Inkarri Mesa


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This beautiful mesa by Justina Samata Champi of Kiku Q’eros holds the essence of Pachamama in its colors, symbols, and harmony. The 2 inner bands feature Inti, the sacred Light and Sun. The outer bands feature twin rows of the Chunchu dancers that celebrate the coming return of the Great Inka, Inkarri, who will restore the Andean people to their former greatness. The weaver selected warm earth colors for her hand-spun yarns. The tan and forest green yarns in the broad bands (fields) are slightly slubbed, giving the textile a soft feel and the impression of agricultural fields. The two panels is a traditional style that reflects the sacred complementary duality as lived in the Andes of Peru.  Your purchase helps the weaver, her family, and her community build a more sustainable life and supports traditional Q’ero culture. Nearly square at 30 x 28 inches. 71 cm.  Your purchase includes a photo of Justina holding a different textile in her village of Kiku (Quico) Q’eros.
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