Laarge Hatun Inti Mestana / Llikya


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This traditional mesa cloth was woven with four wide rows of Hatun Inti — the sacred light. Q’ero elder Damiana Machacca Phacsi used soft wide yarns in the old-fashioned style, evoking the days of first foreign contact in the early 1950s.  See the films and books of John Cohen. Q’eros: the Shape of Survival. And see Planting Potatos Q’ero/Kiku.   The weaving expresses the Q’ero people’s reciprocal relationship of AYNI with all elements of the universe. The narrow black bands represent the pampa, or uncultivated fields. The subtle striped red bands represent cultivation fields. Elder Damiana Machacca Phacsi of Kiku, Q’eros, worked long hours for many days, sitting on her knees on the ground to produce this classic textile.  Thick and soft, this is heavier and larger than most contemporary mestanas.   31 x 28 inches.  79 x 671 cm.  Your purchase includes a photo of Damiana holding your new mesa cloth.
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