Inkarri Mesa / Misa / Llikya


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This traditional mesa cloth was woven in the classic style with four bands depicting the sacred four bands of sacred Chunchu symbols express the Q’ero people’s belief in the coming return of Inkarri (great Inka leader) and the resurgence of the greatness of the descendants of the Inka people. The mirrored images represent the historical beheading of the great Inka leader. The weaving evokes strength and confidence in a world coming into harmony and balance.  The wide outer bands are beautifully woven in natural alpaca and llama fiber with subtle stripes — an advanced weaving technique. The lighter inner wide bands frame the bands of Chunchus.  Elder Lucia Gerillo Machacca of Kiku, Q’eros, knelt on the ground, leaning over her loom, for many days to produce this finely balanced classic textile.   25 x 30 inches.  68 x 76 cm.  Your purchase includes a photo of Lucia holding your new mesa cloth.  NOTE:  The brown outer bands are warmer than appear in the photos, and the wide inner bands of cream are lighter.
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