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Simona Samata Champi created this handsome mesa cloth / llikya featuring four rows of Inti (the sun, sacred light).  Her choice of a soft bluish green is unusual, which complements the soft mustard yellow bands.  These wide bands represent the agricultural fields given to the people by Pachamama. In turn they cultivate and care for the land, asking blessings and giving prayers in Ayni.  The elements in each weaving represent the relationship of the Q’ero people with the entire universe — a harmonious relationship of mutual interdependence, connections, and reciprocity. The complex woven patterns reflect Q’ero life as strongly connected to the agricultural fields of Pachamama, the Apus, and all beings.  27 x 27 inches.  68.5 x 68.5 cm.   Your purchase includes a photo of the weaver’s husband holding your new mesa cloth.  NOTE:  the bluish bands are a softer and lovely greenish blue than appear in the photos.
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