Exquisite Coca Bag with Chunchus and Intis


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This beautiful coca bag of pure alpaca has a very soft hand as well as gorgeous colors of finely spun alpaca hair and rows of sacred Inti and chunchu symbols of fine wool.  Weaver Martina Quispe Machacca wove this bag outdoors, kneeling over her loom, in her small Q’ero village of Chullmachinpuna in the Andes Mountains. Your purchase helps Martina, her family, and her community build a more stable life and preserve their culture in one of the most remote villages of the Andes Mountains.
13.5 W x 13.5 L  plus 42 in. woven strap 1 inch wide.    34 x 34  plus 108 cm. woven strap 2.5 cm wide.

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