Multiple Sacred Symbols Mesa Cloth


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Young weaver Martha Gerillo Machacca wove this llikya (mesa) of complex sacred symbols. This standout textile featured finely spun yarns and precise detail. The colors are more muted than appear in the photos.  Martha shows her advanced skills with the complexity of this textile.  Your purchase helps Martha, her family and her community to build a stable life where they can live in their ancestral homelands and practice their spiritual traditions.  27 x 24 inches. 69 x 61 cm.  Your purchase includes a photo of Martha holding your new mesa cloth in her home community of Hapu Grande, Q’eros.

Learn how your purchase helps the Q’ero people: Q’ero Life in the Andes: A Partnership.
To learn more about Q’ero weaving and watch them spin and weave, watch this brief video: Weaving in the Q’ero Nation.