Natural Chunchu (Inkarri) Mesa Cloth


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Yuorila Machacca Apasa wove this mesa cloth of all natural fiber hues in browns, tans, creams, and greys. The four bands of symbols of sacred Chunchu express the Q’ero people’s belief in the coming return of Inkarri (great Inka leader) and the resurgence of the greatness of the descendants of the Inka people. Each aspect of every textile expresses how the Q’ero people are integrated into the world of Pachamama — the agricultural fields, sunlight, air, water, skies, season — indeed, the universe. Each textile is a visual form of cultural narrative rich in symbols and imagery like woven poetry.  The wide bands represent the growing fields. This traditional style mesa cloth reflects the sacred complementary duality as lived in the Andes of Peru.   Your purchase helps her family and her community build a more sustainable life and supports traditional Q’ero culture.  24.5 x 30 inches. 62 x 76 cm.  Your purchase includes a photo of Yuorila holding your new textile with her daughter looking over her shoulder.

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