Q’ero Poncho in Traditional style


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This poncho  is the kind traditionally worn by Q’ero men. It features wide bands of finely woven yarns of the natural hair colors in a blend of wool and alpaca. This tightly woven poncho is open under the arms and drapes equally in the front and back. In the constant cold of the Q’ero highlands, the poncho provides necessary warmth and often serves as a blanket at night.  Weighing 2.25 lbs. (over 1 kg), you will be warm.  Despite the appearance of simplicity, the weaver worked for six months bent over her loom on the ground.  38.5 inches wide (38.5 inches across the front and 38.5 inches the back  (98 cm wide).  The total width around is 77 inches or 196 cm.  The length from the top of the shoulder is 33 inches (66 cm).  So the total length is 66 inches (132 cm)
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