Alpaca Saqas T’ika Mesa Cloth / Llikya


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Viviana Gerillo Quispe used a striking combination of bright burgundy and red alpaca yarns on fields of natural alpaca colors of warm tan, light grey, and cream. The colorful woven symbols represent “saqas tika” — the furrows, fields and flowering plants — in beautiful balance. The entire textile is visual poetry that  expresses the Q’ero people’s intimate relationship with the earth and with all aspects of the natural and spiritual world and strong connection to Pachamama, the Apus, and all beings.   This beautiful mesa is made of soft baby alpaca — the first shearing of the spring season — for a very soft “hand” and folds nicely.  29.5 x 25 inches.  75 x 63 cm. Your purchase includes a photo of Vivian holding your mesa cloth in her home village of Kiku (Quico) at 12,600 feet in elevation. Her daughter is looking over her shoulder.
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