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Q’ero Chalina – scarf


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This scarf is a treasure, made of thick natural alpaca fibers depicting the Inti sun god. The outer bands show signs of the hidden threads being exposed due to too loose a weave.  Although it is not of the highest quality, this weaving is a treasure because it was created by a woman who is half blind and riddled with arthritis. Even in her old age, Anita (Hapu) continues to weave in her ancestral tradition. Heart Walk Foundation buys textiles from each weaver in each community without discrimination of quality. We see the art and tradition of weaving as sacred, and celebrate the fact that everyone participates in keeping this knowledge alive, so we buy textiles from the  very young weavers to the elderly. This project supports everyone and we are sure that someone will find and value this scarf made by Anita. Your purchase helps her support herself and live with dignity. 65 x 6 inches plus fringe.  1155 x 15.5 cm.

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