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Words of Love and Ayni

Linda, Reykjavik, Iceland

This textile is a masterpiece. The weaving and energy is adorable.

Jamile, Burbank, CA

I love my new mesa cloth. When I opened up the packaged I could smell Peru. I held it folded next to my nose breathing it in. It has really great energy. I was looking for a new piece for my Pachikuti Mesa. It’s just perfect. Thank you.

Dionne, Taneytown, MD

You have been very helpful and friendly through this whole thing. Wonderful service.
I am excitingly awaiting my package. Thanks again. I appreciate it and the beautiful people who made them.

Dionne, Taneytown, MD

Thank goodness for people like you who have the compassion to really make a difference that matters. Blessings, love and best wishes to you and the Q’ero people.

Meredith, Weed, CA

Thank you! This Despacho Cloth will be going to Apu Shasta in far Northern California.

Ron, USA

You do such good work!

Lisa, Wisconsin

Just beautiful for level 2 Medicine Wheel class

Kathy, Texas

What beautiful craft from the heart. There is one woven piece that particularly resonates with me on an unspoken level of the heart. It has awakened a part in me of great joy. I feel a great connection to the weavers because of the photo that accompanies their craft, and I feel as if I am in the community as they are weaving the threads with such love and care. The story and the meaning in the weaving are a living prayer to me. It deeply speaks to my heart and I am so grateful for this connection through The Heart Walk Foundation. Thank you.

Munay, Bruno, Germany

I thank you for your friendliness and the works of love you and the team of Heart Walk Foundation do.The Foundation’s name is just so adequate: You don’t talk a lot — You do the Walk… Thanks to you, I’m now the keeper of a powerful old mestana, and — which is as beautiful a present –a photo of the owner who sold it. Your whole website is as beauty-full as it is informative and speaks volumes about the love at the heart of it.

Bruce, UT

Everyone loves the mesa weavings.

Kathy, Texas

Thank you. What beautiful craft from the heart.

Lisa, Wisconsin

Just beautiful for level 2 Medicine Wheel class!

Robert, Colorado

I like the energy of your site and how you are partnering with the native artisans.

Friederike, Germany

I stumbled upon your Mestanas and I simply love them. I am German and I haven’t found other Mestanas which are even close to being as beautiful as yours.

Diana, Amanda, and The Bodhi Bridge Team., Utah

Thank you for the gift of your work, passion, and love. Thank you for creating a connection — truly a relationship between our western world and that of the Q’ero Nation. And thank you for the way you have shared that with our Medicine Wheel participants. It touched every person, and supported each person to deeper understand and feel the beauty of this Nation, these teachings…. We deeply honor and recognize your work. And the way it blesses both the Q’ero and those of us in the western world who have stepped onto this shamanic path!

Donna, Connecticut

It’s so beautiful. Thank you.

Bruno, Germany

When I started my shaman training 8 years ago, I was at a point in my life where I really needed a true connection to my soul and my heart and a map to help me get there. It was getting urgent. I was presented with the tools and a map, and a lot of work began.

Building a personal Altar/ Mesa has been the core work and, at the same time the map, all through the journey around the medicine wheel, providing all the essential tools. Honestly, I don’ t know where I would be today without this beauty-full work and the power-full mirror that is my mesa.

The medicine people of the Q’eros are the source and the wisdom keepers of that work, and I am so blessed to have been given that loving wisdom and — recently– a living connection with the Q’eros through a beauty-full old mesa cloth that the Heart Walk Foundation was generously offering in the online store.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
MUNAY sonqo.

Tony, Oregon

I am so very grateful to organizations such as yourselves who help to support and nurture the preservation of the Q’ero people and traditions.

Cindy, Idaho

Lovely items! I look forward to having them in my home!

Friederike, Germany

The Mesa arrived and I am so, so happy about my choice! Thank you very much for the great and easy transaction and answering all my questions.

Robert, Colorado

I like the energy of your site and how you are partnering with the native artisans.

Penny, Washington

More than I hoped and just as beautiful. The photo of Lucia was also a gift! Thank you for providing such opportunity. Your open communication has been wonderful.

Teresa C., Utah

I picked my mesa cloth from an assortment. I was drawn to the turquoise and coral threads that run throughout the mesa. It contains my thirteen stones, wrapped in my Grandmother’s handkerchief, representing my healing journey over 8 months.

In Munay. Kat, Texas

Thank you so much for this most exquisite piece. It tells a beautiful story to me and has a special meaning in my heart. I have it draped over the window facing the east to receive the sun every morning and brings new days ahead. Thank you for finding such very special pieces that are woven from the heart. It is clear the pieces your hearts select have a special home already woven in mind (or heart actually). Thank you.