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Ccochamarka Village of Hapu Q’ero Nation

Weavers from Ccochamarka  (kocha-marka) village and their families have been reviving their ancient traditions in the last few years. For almost a decade these people rejected traditions they associated with severe poverty. They converted to a fundamental Christian religion in hopes of a better life for their children.  Since they re-embraced their traditions with renewed vigor a few years ago, we observe a strong and bright spirit of love and dignity in the community.  Almost one-third of the young men are now studying the mystical path of the paqo.

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Many of the weavers in Ccochamarka have expressed their uplifted hearts with beautiful natural colors in mesa cloths and bags with stunning results, especially the older women. They bring a creative aspect to Q’ero  (care-roh) textile traditions.

Ccochamarka village is home to approximately 30 families, including 10 families in the distant hamlets of Ccochalekepata  (kocha-lakee-potuh) and Tinke  (tink-ee).  Homes are scattered across steep mountainsides looking down upon a rushing river that connects seven shallow lakes. All children 3 to 12 years of age attend the schools in Ccochamarka built and funded by Heart Walk Foundation.

Women and men harvest potatoes and other tubers every May for the coming year’s subsistence.  They can supplement potato broth with vegetables they grow in simple greenhouses funded by Heart Walk Foundation.  Boys catch trout planted in lakes by Heart Walk Foundation, which the mothers panfry. Ccochamarka began a pilot project to raise ducks for eggs in July of 2017.