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Donate to Help Q’ero Communities


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Your donation supports cultural preservation, education, heath care and food security in the most remote regions of the Andes Mountains of Peru. You may make your gift in honor of someone and let them know about your special gift to the Q’ero people.
Your tax-deductible gift will help preserve the beautiful culture of the Q’ero people in AYNI.  They are asking your help to complete the only high school in the Hapu Q’ero region; a kitchen to prepare school lunches; food for elderly , better breeding alpacas to strengthen their community herds, and despacho kits for sacred ceremonies.   Your gift of AYNI is a blessing to all.

Your gift of $50 helps to provide:

  • 2 months of education for a Q’ero child.  – OR
  • Medical services for 5 – 10 persons.  –  OR
  • A complete despacho packet for a traditional ceremony.  – OR
  • Half a year of food staples for an elder too frail to farm their own food.

Your gift through Heart Walk Foundation.qualifies as a charitable donation under the IRS. Our charitable tax ID # is 20-1918290. Print your receipt for your records. On behalf of the Q’ero people, thank you for your gift of dignity and love.