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Inner Poncho / Unko


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Q’ero men wear these traditional inner ponchos which are seamed at the sides under the arms. They are not as bulky as the outer poncho.This stunning unko features a rich dark brown-toned black with the traditional red trim on the edges. Unlike many unkos, the neck opening and arm openings are large enough for westerners. Neck opening total:  24 inches (30 cm).  Armhole opening total:   17.5 inches (44 cm). The openings can be expanded easily.   Width around the chest:  56 in. circumference. (142 cm)  Length shoulder to hem:  30 in. long . [76 cm]
This unko was woven by Maria, the wife of Jose, the former President of the Q’ero Nations. Their home is in the tiny hamlet of Raq’chi very close to Apu Mama Rosa. She included bands of the sacred Inti, spirit of light and sun, in natural alpaca colors.
The unko is quite comfortable. It can be machine washed in cold water using a mild detergent, such as Woolite, on gentle cycle. Hang to dry.  It is very handsome and “dressy” with a long sleeved white shirt or other solid colored shirt.
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