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Lovely Mesa Cloth with Sacred Inkarri (Inkarri)


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This traditional mesa cloth was woven in the classic style with symbols of the Chunchu, or Inkarri  depicted in several motifs:  Inkarri as human (nawpa Inka), Inkarri as beheaded (mirrored heads), and Inkarri as Chunchi Inti Pupu, referring to the origins, or center, or navel. The Andean myth of the Inkarri predicts that the great Inka will return to restore the Andean people to their former glory.  These complex woven patterns reflect Q’ero life as strongly connected to the agricultural fields of Pachamama, the Apus, and all beings. Weaver Nuri Mamani Apasa created this textile outside her home in Kiku under the watchful gaze of Apu Mama Rosa. She knelt on the ground leaning over her loom for many days to produce this finely balanced textile.   28 x  23 inches.  71 x 58 cm. Your purchase includes a photo of Nuri’s husband holding your new mesa.
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