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Beaded Ceremonial Chullyo / Hat


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The ceremonial beaded chullyo is hand knit by Q’ero men, who use 5 curved knitting needles to create seven layers of sacred designs.  Then the man adds beads in sacred patterns. Traditionally, when a man was courting a young woman, he would demonstrate his patience by carefully beading his chullyo. These magnificent hats are emblematic of the Q’ero culture. Each hat is individually knit and is one-of-a-kind.
Roger created this magnificent hat in his tiny hamlet of Yanaruma, Q’eros, under the loving gaze of Apu Mama Rosa. It took him many months to complete the fine knitting and to sew each bead by hand, one at a time. NOTE:  Unlike most Q’ero hats, this one is large enough to fit comfortably on “western” heads!
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